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Exceptional Drain Cleaning Solutions in Sanford, ME and the Surrounding Areas

Are your drains moving slowly? Do you notice odd smells coming from your sink or tub? Clogged drains may be to blame. Instead of reaching for your store-bought snake or liquid drain opener, call the experts at Sgt. Smith’s Drain Cleaning Services! We are a trusted father-son sink, shower, toilet, and sewer drain cleaner duo, operating in and around Sanford, ME. We proudly serve both residential and commercial clients throughout the region, and we focus on meeting their needs in a timely, professional manner. When you need a clogged drain cleaner, we believe you deserve the best possible customer service, which is exactly what we strive to provide on every job.

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What Can Our Expert Drain Cleaning Company Do for You?

When it comes to plumbing and drain cleaning, using the proper equipment is key to preserving the health and integrity of your system. At Sgt. Smith’s Drain Cleaning Services, we use a professional snake tool that reaches up to 100 feet, which means we can tackle large projects with ease. Skip the DIY sewer cleaning methods and get a long-term solution from a team of experts! We can help you avoid:


  • Damage done to your pipes
  • Future drainage issues
  • Unnecessary corrosion


Count on Us for the Best Possible Results

If you want the best possible results from a reliable residential or commercial drain cleaner, you need an experienced drain cleaning plumber who’s committed to quality. If you own a home or business in the Sanford, ME area, you need Sgt. Smith’s Drain Cleaning Services! We are also proud to serve both residential and commercial clients in the following areas:


  • Biddeford, ME 
  • Wells, ME 
  • North Berwick, ME

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