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We Use Our Inspection Camera to Check Your Property’s Sewer Line in the Sanford, ME Area

If you’ve tried snaking your drains or other cleaning methods to no avail, you may have a bigger issue on your hands. Find out with a professional plumbing camera inspection. Sgt. Smith’s Drain Cleaning Services uses state-of-the-art equipment to detect hidden issues in your pipes (also known as “sewer scoping”). Since our inspection camera can reach up to 130 feet, it’s perfect for buildings of all sizes. Don’t put off your drain or sewer inspection any longer—get in touch with our experienced plumbing inspectors today. We deliver exceptional plumbing inspections to homeowners and business owners in Sanford, ME, and the surrounding area. Get the peace of mind you deserve and schedule your professional sewer pipe camera inspection today!

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What's Hiding Inside of Your Pipes?

Hair and soap aren’t the only things that could block your pipes. Our drain inspection services are designed to detect:


  • Tree roots
  • Incorrect fittings
  • Pipe breaks

After we’ve uncovered the obstruction, we’ll walk you through the repair process in detail. You can feel confident that you’re getting the high-quality, long-term solutions you need with us.

Call Us Any Time to Schedule Your Sewer Camera Inspection

Our plumbing camera inspection services are available to both home and business owners in the following areas:


  • Sanford, ME
  • Biddeford, ME 
  • Wells, ME 
  • North Berwick, ME

Call now to discuss your needs with an expert plumbing inspector! Our inspection camera and experts are available 24 hours a day for your convenience.

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